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Rustic Hong Kong Trip

After my recent trip back from Vietnam, the travel bug stuck me again. My girlfriend was pestering me to bring her to Asia and I was like, we should go to Hong Kong! Her eyes did rolled a bit but after a while, she said why not? So we went over the web searching for more information about Hong Kong and it’s surrounding.

So last week, we flew over there on Cathay Pacific Airlines and we awarded a free upgrade of seat. I’m not any celebrity but just that the normal seats are completely filled and we did it on the last minute. We reached Hong Kong International Airport around 11am and took a subway to the City of Tsim Sha Tsui. This is the middle of everything and of course the hotel wasn’t the cheapest around. If you don’t know, due to the limited space, the hotel rooms in Hong Kong are small and expensive, just enough to move around and put our luggage.

First stop was to a nearby Dim Sum restaurant which we ate our best dim sum till date. We both love Asian food and are always on the hunt for them. The restaurant Super Star Seafood Restaurant  located at Nathan Road has super nice food and ambience. A must try is their rice roll and you will be in heaven after eating that. As it was still early, we decided to just move around the shopping area in Tsim Sha Tsui. I’m not the shopholics but my girlfriend has so much fun. I think guys are just more straightforward and direct. We only go shopping when we want to buy things.



So that sums up our first day in Hong Kong. We still have three more days to go and I will update more of the places of interest in the next blog soon. Stay tune.

Till then, if you are in Hong Kong and are craving for dim sum, go visit

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From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City

As you guys already knew in my previous post, I went to Hanoi – The current Capital of Vietnam. If you wish to see something rustic and the authentic Vietnam, Hanoi is the place to go. To get back my return of investment for such a long flight from Guam to Vietnam, I decided to take a short domestic flight to Ho Chi Minh City – The previous Capital of Vietnam. It was a pretty last minute decision and it was great to have my laptop and internet on hand.


What I did first was to go on to book a domestic flight from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. Boy was it pretty expensive for the flight. Probably it was because of my last minute decision. In any case, I just felt that I need to go and so viola, I did it. Flight booked. Next off, I went to to make a booking for my hotel stay. This site was recommended by one of my friends who frequently use them. Even though it was my first time, I navigate through the website with breeze. The prices were also cheap on this website. In the end, I booked The Luxe Hotel which is near the Ben Thanh Market.


The flight took 2 hours to arrive and here I am, in a modern city. First stop is checked into the hotel and then off I go to the Ben Thanh Market. Fabulous to see rows and rows of small little shops selling everything. But too bad most things seems to be repeated. As it was dinner time, I dropped by an open air shop to have some seafood. I’m starving and the food taste delicious!


Ben Thanh Market

The next 2 days, I went to a few war museums and drop by the Post Office. It is one of the must see sights in Ho Chi Minh. Beside it is a Church.

Saigon Post Office

So guys, if you need more information of Ho Chi Minh City, feel free to email me. I came from Guam and travel around the world.

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A recent trip to Hanoi

Travel to Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam to see its hostile war-torn image as one of Southeast Asia’s best and most culturally significant cities where there are countless museums, french architectures that offering visitors a chance to better understand Vietnam’s history of revolution including war and art. Wandering around Hanoi Old Quarter to see ancient houses and experience local street foods as one of a part of your Hanoi Tour Package.

hanoi-tourHanoi is one of the new global cities of the 21st century – a burgeoning centre of international trade and tourism, in competition with other fast growing cities of South East Asia and the south China region. Growing urbanisation has led to a boom in construction: market reform and globalization have caused an influx of Western consumer goods.

The flight from Guam to Hanoi takes about 8 hours inclusive of 1 stopover. The stopover is great for me to get some butts off. As I arrive at Hanoi, I was greeted by my friendly tour guide from Desiree Hanoi Tour. Greeted with a smile, I knew the trip is going to be great.

We take a short sightseeing of Hanoi Tour to explore the cultural highlights such as: The temple of literature, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda, Ethnology of Museum…or immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of a water puppet show at a traditional theater nearby Hoan Kiem Lake or take a walking tour to enjoy the authentic local street foods such as: Sprill Rolls (Bun cha), Bia Hoi ( fresh beer) or even eggs coffe (ca phe trung). There are really too many things to see there and I wouldn’t be surprised that you spent an entire day shopping too!

If you are looking for an authentic & adventure of Vietnam Tours especially in the area of Hanoi, please feel free to visit them at