Looking for new destination to travel

We came back from Hong Kong and my girlfriend told me in the face, “We need to travel again!”. She loved Hong Kong so much that she is so keen on returning the very next day. Yup. I was like of course we can but I want to go to another country. IT’S BORED GOING TO THE SAME COUNTRY AGAIN.

I woke up the next morning and saw her in front of the computer. I was booze out from last night and the jetlag was killing me. I crawled towards her, gave a kiss and looked at the screen. It’s a review page of flights and travel. I never been to this site, SAS Now or Never travelĀ before but she was saying this is one of the best and was recommended by her friends. I took a look myself and she was right. It’s cutthroat one of the best reviews site for travel.



We spent the next 2 hours scrolling through our next destination and fell in love with the website for their honest reviews of several airlines and destination. They do offer some great deals too. As we have just spent a bomb flying across the globe to Hong Kong, I just wish to save some and go somewhere near. So we are fixed on Chicago, San Francisco or Washington. In the end we fixed on Chicago.

She said, CHICAGO! Let’s go during the break next week. Ok, as a loving boyfriend to my pampered girlfriend, I nodded and said. OK. I asked her to do more research of the place on this website and hopefully we won’t spent time searching for locations. Do check out our trip to Chicago on this blog soon.

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